The Subport Team

We are a global team focused on one simple mission: give independent businesses the tools to offer a subscription like Panera and be financially stable.

Axel Meta Davis


Axel is the point of contact for all Subport customers. Making sure all stores succeed with their subscription ideas.

Desirae Chamber Docks


Desirae oversees our internal operations. She makes sure the product brings more revenue to the stores, is easy to use and implement .

Natalia Suarez

UI/UX designer

Natalia makes every shop's subscription portal look unique and fit the brand. She also designs the overall user experience and tests with users so they are easy to use.

Matthew Evilsizor

Advisor - Founder ofConscious

LA based coffee consultant with specialty in Menu design and Coffee shop flow design. Matthew helps everyone think of better ways to maximize revenue for local businesses and helps create great subscription menu and pricing strategies.

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