Predictable Income every Month

While gift cards are great, monthly subscriptions means you know exactly what you're getting paid each month. Our system charges credit cards automatically and send the money directly into your bank account

No commission. No cancellation fee.

We want your membership to make you more money. We don't take any commission from your sales, we don't charge you any cancellation fee. If it doesn't work for you, just cancel anytime.

Contactless Convenience

Customers can redeem their subscription from their phone.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of offering your own subscription?

Get your own app and offer a subscription for just $60/month.
No cancellation fee, no commission, no new equipment needed.

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No contract. Cancel your app anytime with no penalty.
It's your money. We don't take any commissions from your app.
We give you personal help. From creating your offers to constantly improving your app so you can make more money with your subscription offering. We take care of your app.

Connect with Square

Let people redeem their subscriptions on your app.
You'll get the orders on your Square POS.

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"The survey finds that over half of New York respondents would be interested in an idea like restaurant subscriptions, not just for the perks but also to help the business survive during hard times."

Ruth Shin

Property Nest


Would subscribe to get a discount or free items


Would subscribe to support a business


Would subscribe to support, get discounts, free delivery and more

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All our plans include

  • Pay only a flat monthly fee. No cancellation fee.

  • Your own branded portal. 

  • 0% commission (we don't take any % from your subscription revenue)

  • 24/7 personal phone support: You can call us anytime, there's no waiting and we always know your name. 

  • Unlimited & credit offers: Offer some products as "unlimited subscription" (like Pret and Panera) and others as "credits" (e.g. 15 Lattes a month)

  •  Emails of all your subscribers and data about when they come to redeem

  • Edit anytime: You can always change your offers, prices, descriptions... 

Ready to get started or want to learn more?

Local businesses using Subport


Boat Habad

"We requested a lot of custom functionality and Axel and the team have provided us with a product that allows us to serve our customers better, avoid having to use more cash or credit cards in the store  and give our students a great way to buy food" - Mendy L. 

Happy Customers

The Subport team has helped me transition my business from depending on walk ins to having a safe base of members who support me with their subscription and that I can serve every easily every week.

Jasmin K.
Owner, La Coop Cafe


Make extra income per shop per year

Make an additional $6960 per year. You only need 20 customers paying 29$ every month.

+ Visits

Increase in walk-ins

Being a subscribers brings more loyalty to your store. Subscribers are more likely to visit your shop more and buy more additional products. That's why Panera, Leon and Pret offer subscriptions.


of consumers want a food or beverage subscription

According to Wiser. Consumers are willing to spend $20-30 per month on food or beverage subscriptions.

Create your subscription

Talk with our coffee bot and it will help you choose what to offer. You'll receive your subscription portal the next day for free. 

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" A coffee shop has come up with a way to compete using a subscription model. Companies that offer subscription models recognize the added value to their bottom lines with recurring revenue. They also recognize the value to their customers in the form of convenience."

Shep Hyken,


How it looks


We create a subscription portal for you

Tell us which products you'd like to offer, how often customers can receive it and at what monthly price. We create a portal that your can integrate in your website and customers can save to their phone's home screen


Customers Subscribe

You can tell your customers about your new subscription offer. They decide on a product to subscribe and Subport bills them on your behalf every 31 days and sends the subscription revenue to you. You receive 100% of it, excluding credit card processing fees (2.9% + $0.3)


One Click - Easy Redeem  

Your customers press one button in the web-app and they have redeemed! You can now serve them their product and also check that the redemption went ok.  No need to install anything on your end!

Coffee Subscriptions covered in the media

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Fill out a form & get your app in 48h

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Secure Billing

You get 100% of the subscription revenue (excluding card processing fees) every month. Subport manages the credit card processing, bills your customers every month, handles the un-subscribe process and reports it all back to you. All secured by bank level security with Stripe.

Easy Redeem™

Your customers redeem the subscription from their phone. When they are at the counter, they just press "Redeem" on their phone and they show you the confirmation on their phone. We manage how many credits they have left so it's always fair.

Your Brand 

The whole web-app where your customers subscribe and redeem to your offers is completely customised to your shop's style: colors, logo, products... You'll have a Starbucks-level app for your store.

"I'm able to support my favourite local cafe without having to think about it. Getting products contactless makes it even easier than ordering. "


Rhiana B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

How much does it cost? Is there a contract?

Have your own app where you offer a subscription to the products you want costs $60 per month. You can cancel anytime for free. There's no minimum contract.

Can this be integrated into my website?

Yes! We create a section in your website such as We can also add a button on your website that redirects to it. 

How do I get the money from my subscribers?

Subport transfers the full amount of all subscribers at the beginning of the month -excluding card processing fees, we do not take a cut.

What should I offer in my subscription?

We see the most successful shops offer high margin and easy to scale products (pizzas, coffee, muffins...). You can make a lot of them at a low cost, giving you more margin on the subscription. You can offer as many products as you want and add/delete them afterwards. 

Why should I offer a subscription?

Subscriptions allow your customers to receive their products in a contactless way and allow you to get cash at the beginning of each month in a predictable way. Since customers who subscribe come more often to your shop, they always tend to buy an additional product. 

Learn why Panera and Burger King offer subscriptions to coffee

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