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These are the amazing features that this product has to offer. This product is built to benefit you massively and each feature has been built with customer feedback.

Runs by itself, really

We handle the whole subscription for you:
1) Keeping track of your subscribers' credits
2) Making sure subscribers can only redeem what they paid for
3) Charging them automatically
4) Letting users cancel their subscription & much more!

Charge card on file

You'll have the subscribers' card on file in your Square POS and your staff will also be able to charge a customers credit card through the Subport Admin app.
This lets your staff redeem & upsell your customers without the customer having to pull out their phone.

Upsell more

During a visit, your staff can offer additional add-ons and charge their card on file right from the Subport Admin app.
Another use case: If a customer has $50 in credits and the drip they select costs $170, our system deducts the 50 credits and charges the additional $120 to the card on file.

Let them gift subscriptions

With our system, your users will be able to gift subscriptions to their loved ones. So you can make even more recurring revenue and they can help a family member.
...and customers can tip your staff right from the app and it's synched with Square tips.

Easy to Manage

Your customers subscribe and redeem from your subscription portal that you'll get from us.
When a customer redeems, that order goes directly into your Square.
You don't need to manage anything.

Delight your customers

When your staff redeems, they can add special notes in the admin area so that you always remember which arm they prefer.
It's the small things that matter✨

We know subscriptions are kind of a new trend...We are here to help you every step of the way

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Dreaming about recurring income

Now you can...

Fully integrated with Square

If someone redeems their product, it will appear as any other Online Order in your Square, no need for another annoying tablet.
Payments go into your Square right away, no commission!

Charges customers automatically

You get the recurring revenue, we make sure that your members get charged automatically every month.
Our system makes sure that customers get the right credits every month and blocks non-paying subscribers until they pay.

Custom rules to make it work for you

Our system is made to adapt to YOUR Rules.

For example:
- How many times can subscribers redeem per day? Max. 3 times a day? We got you!
- Which products can customers redeem based on their subscription plan? Only Drip coffee? Ok!
- How much time do they need to wait between each redemption? 45 mins between redemptions? Sure!

Detailed reporting

All payments from subscriptions go to the right location, so your accountant can also be a happy human.
You own all the data about your subscribers: Names, phone, emails...and they all appear as customers in your Square POS automatically.

testimonial face

“I pass 2 coffee shops to get here. The subscription is a huge incentive for my continued business.”

“The subscription makes you feel like you are in a club and creates loyalty because you already pay for it every week.”

Subscribers from Black Press Coffee Shop

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One Flat fee per location.
No minimum contract. No cancellation fees. No commissions.

$90/month per location

Ideal for coffee shops, restaurants & bakeries.

Your subscribers subscribe & redeem through your custom-made subscription app.
The app sends the order to your POS and the customer picks it up at their desired location.

We Process over 60.000 orders per month for coffee shops using this plan.

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Advanced Admin
$140/month per location

Ideal for MedSpas, IV Clinics and businesses where your staff does it for your customers.

Your staff can:
- Redeem on behalf of subscribers
- Charge their card on file for additional items (and can apply a subscriber discount)
- Sell non-subscription items

Subscribers can have up to 4 different credit balances in their account. The system tracks how many injections, IVs,... the customer still has.

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Add-on feature: Upselling
$30/month per location

This feature allows your subscribers to buy something in one click after they redeem their items.

For example: after redeeming a coffee, they'll get prompted to add a pastry to their cart and it will charge their card on file in one click.

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Need something custom-made

If you have very specific needs, get in touch and we can talk about customizations to make it work for you.

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Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied within 30 days.

subscriptions are the future of business

Subport makes Subscriptions work

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You focus on serving your customers

We manage your subscription end-to-end

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Real Time Customer Support

98% of times are answered within 2 minutes, so you're never alone.

We also help you develop your subscription menu based on insights from powering over 60.000 subscription redemptions per month.
We are here to make your subscription a success.

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We track everything for you

You don't need to keep track if a subscriber is still paying, if they are redeeming the items they are allowed to with their subscription or if they can still redeem for that day.
The Subport system does all these checks for you. So subscribers can redeem only what they pay for.

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Get your own custom App

Once you launch your subscription, your members will be able to redeem theough your custom-branded app.
They can manage their billing, order through the app without having to pay and save time by being able to reorder their favorites in one click.

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