Provision of Services Agreement

Last Update: December 5, 2020

Terms of Subscription:

The purchaser acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement is made subject to the following terms and conditions: 

1.- Definitions:

Subscription management system: A progressive web app linked directly to the purchaser’s stripe account. The system allows the purchaser to charge its users for his products.

Stripe: A online payment processor.

2.- Provider’s Obligations:

The provider commits to (1) customize a personal subscription management system and (2) maintain and update the system periodically.

3. - Delivery of the service:

The purchaser will receive the finished personalized subscription management system before the deadline agreed between the parties in the moment of the subscription of this contract.

4.- Monthly Fee:

The purchaser commits to paying in Euros (€) or US dollars ($) the monthly fee established on the provider’s payment page send to the purchaser. The first payment formalises the agreement between the parties to the conditions of the present contract and binds the parties. No refunds will be provided.

5.- Data Protection Policy: 

The subscription management system complies with the European Union Regulation on 

General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 from 27 April 2016.

The provider commits to: (1) exclusively use the personal data it has access to for its contractual obligations. (2) Comply with and adopt any new regulations on data protection.

6.-Duration of the Contract.

The contract can be terminated unilaterally by either party at any given time without penalisation. Once the contract is terminated the purchaser will maintain the access to the subscription management system until the end of the billed period.

7.-Discontinuation of Subport Services guarantee

In the event that the provider stops offering its services. The merchant will be given the option to get the cloned version of their subscription system and continue offering it independently. The merchant would have to assume the associated monthly maintenance costs. The provider guarantees a smooth transition so the merchant doesn't lose any business due to this. Access to the cloned version will be only granted if Subport stops offering its services, as it's core to its own IP. 

The provider is entitled to automatically terminate the contract in case of default payment by the purchaser.