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How to offer a subscription on Square for coffee shops and juice shops

Posted by | April 6, 2022

What is Square?

Square is a payments processing platform that allows you to accept credit card payments anywhere. Square does not have a subscription feature, but there are other organizations that integrate with Square and provide that functionality. If you're running a coffee shop or juice bar, you may want a Square-friendly subscription management software.

Square is an excellent POS system for small businesses. The simplicity of their system makes it very easy to start accepting credit cards right away: just sign up online and they'll send you an iPad stand and card reader for free! You can also get started by downloading the app on your computer or mobile device.

Why does your coffee shop need a subscription?

Why does your coffee shop need it?

  • Increases ticket size. At an average ticket size of $4.50, a typical customer might purchase a latte once per week. With the addition of a subscription, this customer could easily increase their spend to $20/week by purchasing multiple drinks and food items at each visit.
  • Increased frequency of purchase. A weekly subscription plan can drastically increase the frequency at which customers visit your store, which leads to higher revenue per square foot and more opportunities for upsells and cross sells.
  • Reduced friction for customers: provides convenience for the customer, making it easier and more convenient to buy your products than down the street.

How does a Coffee Shop Subscription work on Square?

A truly beautiful thing about our Subport's Subscriptions app is how easy it is for you to get paid from offering a subscription to your customers. Here's an overview of how that process works:

  • Customer chooses a subscription plan. For example: 5 lattes a week or unlimited drip.
  • Customer inputs their credit card information.
  • Subport manages the subscription.
  • Subport charges the customer automatically on a regular interval (e.g., every week, every month).
  • Subport sends your Square POS an order notification once the customer places their order and redeems their subscription.
  • When the customer picks up their coffee, Subport's system automatcally updates how many times this subscriber can still redeem her/his subscription!

How to offer an unlimited subscription with Square (like Panera).

The first option, unlimited, is most like the Panera model. Your customers get an unlimited number of items per week/month and they can redeem them whenever they want. This subscription would have to be redeemed at a physical location but that's easy enough to set up with Subport's integration with Square.

The second option is credit-based (e.g. 5 items per month). Each customer paying for this subscription gets a certain number of credits each month which are used for their coffee purchases. Credits don't expire and you can give customers the credits all at once or spread them out over multiple months (say if you want to give 1 coffee credit each Monday).

You can offer a subscription for your coffee shop or juice shop with Subport.

If you have a coffee shop or juice shop and you want to offer customers the ability to sign up for a subscription for weekly drinks, you can use Square and Subport to make that happen.
Subport is software that manages your subscriptions for you. It helps with customer service, billing and sending receipts, so it's ideal if you want less manual work to do.
Subport integrates with Square, so all information is automatically updated in Square each day. Your customers will be able to login on the web or in your shop's subscription app (just like they would with Panera's app). That way they are recognized as returning customers without needing anything from you or your staff: it's all handled through your the subscription app.

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