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Why should coffee shops and juice shops offer subscriptions like Panera?

Posted by Axel | November 11, 2023

 Why should coffee shops and juice shops offer subscriptions like Panera?

Why do your customers like subscriptions? (I'll keep it short)

There are things that most people do every week:

- go to the gym (I wish I'd go every week),
- watch Netflix,
- listen to music,
- get a coffee,
- grab a smoothie to stay healthy...

Every item in the list, except grabbing a coffee or smoothie is a subscription for most people.

Imagine going to the gym and having to pay every time you want to work out... Nobody would go to the gym!

For two reasons:

1) If you have to pay every time you go to the gym, it makes it less convenient and less attractive to go there. You would still go, just less often.

2) It creates more options: If you're not a member of a gym, then you would have many options of where to go...
Every time you feel like working out you'd have to think "do I go to gym A or gym B today?"
Since you're not tied to a membership, the options force you to decide where to go every time, instead of just going to your gym.

How does this apply to you and your business?
You are bringing the community together around coffee or juices.
Just like a gym, these are every day needs that people have.

When your customer is thinking of getting a coffee or juice they have to make a conscious decision of where to go.... They could make their coffee at home, or get a juice somewhere near their kid's school. Your customer needs to make an effort to go to your place.

This changes when your customers are subscribers as you have removed two major barriers by offering a subscription:
1) Your subscribers do not have to pay every time they visit your shop, so it's more convenient to come. That's because they are milled once a month and the subscription system keeps track of what their subscription entitles them to order (back to the gym analogy: imagine going to the gym and paying every time you enter...)

2) They do not make a decision anymore, they just go to your business. Just like the gym, they go to where they are subscribed.

This helps you make a deeper relationship with your customer, as you see them more and more often.

In the next newsletter, you'll learn how subscriptions are good for your customers and good for your bottom line. Stay tuned!

I'd love to hear what you think about this!


PS: This one minute video shows you how our software keeps track of what each subscriber is entitles to order:

How Subport tracks what each subscriber can order from their subscription